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Posted Sep 4, 2018


Soccer Information
Fern Creek Optimist Sports Complex (Home Fields)
8925 Smith Lane
Louisville, Kentucky 40291

Spring Soccer 2018 Sign-up Info.

Fern Creek Optimist Soccer Club (FCO Sports) is an independent recreational soccer program and a member in good standing of the Kentucky Youth Soccer Association (KYSA) and US Youth Soccer. We are one of the oldest and largest recreational soccer programs in the state and focus on individual and team skills, player safety, teamwork, sportsmanship and the need for strong academics.

If you have any questions about our youth soccer program, please reach out to:
FCO Soccer Director Katie Yann (239-1025) or through e-mail at

We have Co-Ed (Mixed Teams) at the U6, U8, U10, U12, U14 and High School (U16-U19) age groups and Girls Only Teams at U10, U12 and U14 ages (numbers permitting).

Cost (for all age groups U6 - High School) = $80.00 Soccer Fee + $30.00 Refundable Volunteer Fee + $30.00 Uniform Fee (new players only) = $140.00

ONLINE REGISTRATIONS Can be completed through our NEW website at from 07/15/2018 until Sunday 08/12/2018 (U6 – U19) for all age groups!!!

IN-PERSON SIGN-UP'S Will be held in mid to early August but the dates, times and locations have not be determined at this time.

Age Determination Date. We have moved to a Birth Year date to determine which age group you child will be playing in moving forward. So we now look at the year as beginning on January 1st and ending on December 31st. For Recreational Soccer Players:

19 Under Jan 1, 2000 thru Dec 31, 2000
18 Under Jan 1, 2001 thru Dec 31, 2001
17 Under Jan 1, 2002 thru Dec 31, 2002
16 Under Jan 1, 2003 thru Dec 31, 2003
15 Under Jan 1, 2004 thru Dec 31, 2004
14 Under Jan 1, 2005 thru Dec 31, 2005
13 Under Jan 1, 2006 thru Dec 31, 2006
12 Under Jan 1, 2007 thru Dec 31, 2007
11 Under Jan 1, 2008 thru Dec 31, 2008
10 Under Jan 1, 2009 thru Dec 31, 2009
9 Under Jan 1, 2010 thru Dec 31, 2010

All players from the fall returning in the spring will remain with their fall team unless requested otherwise.

Teams will be put together in early to mid-August. Once assigned a team the coaches will contact all players in mid August to begin practice. The first games of the 2018 Fall Season will be the last weekend of August 08/25 or the weekend after Labor Day September 09/08.

Playing numbers for age groups.
U6 = 5v5 w/goalie. We will play on a 75' x 60' field (located below the Concession Stand). Goal will be 4'h. x 9'w. We will play 4 - 10 minute quarters.
U8 = No Changes.
U10 = We will continue to play 7v7 both during the season and tournaments going forward. We will continue to play off-sides during the season but will not come tournament time. The field size, goal size and playing time will remain the same.
U12 = Playing numbers are now 9v9. The field will be the same length but with the extra player we will lay it out 10' wider.
Max roster sizes for U12 and below are set at 18. We will maintain the smallest roster sizes possible to provide ample playing time for all players. This of course is based a lot on the overall number of players at each age groups, the number playing on the field and the availability of volunteer Head Coaches.
Max. roster sizes for U13 and above are 22. Only 18 of those rostered can dress for each game. Therefore we will keep our rosters for these age groups at 18 max.
High School rules for next season will have no changes.
Registration List
If you have questions or problems, please read our Troubleshooting Guide.